Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arizona, Mesa - Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Off Highway in Bulldog Canyon

Last week we got our permit to go off highway in the desert at Bulldog Canyon.  Even though target practice is prohibited, looks like some people can’t read.

We headed in behind our friend, Bill.  He works at the grill also and does a lot of off roading with his Jeep.

The pictures I took on this excursion were taken through dusty windows while bouncing up and down (the road was a lot rougher and narrower than I anticipated).  We spent most of the day out here and had a good time.

A lot of the pictures I took through the front window had my reflection in them when the sun was hitting just right.

The horses didn’t really want to share the road.  We got lucky and only met two vehicles coming toward us, luckily there was room to pull off the road so both vehicles could be accommodated.

This is Bill getting a little more adventuresome than we are (or at least me).

The scenery out here is beautiful but the desert isn’t in full bloom yet – maybe next week.  Since we have had so much rain it is anticipated by everyone around here that the desert blooms will be great.

We did pass this one spot where the desert poppies were beautiful.

We stopped for a photo op at a place where the road was wide enough that other vehicles could pass us.  Our Jeep is the one in back.

We left home at 10:00 and rode on the trails until we took a lunch break at the Saguaro Lake Marina restaurant.

This is where I got my only wildlife shot of the day.

We took a tour of this lake last year, it is huge and the scenery is amazing.  After lunch we headed back to the desert.

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