Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arizona, Mesa - Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Off Highway in Bulldog Canyon

Last week we got our permit to go off highway in the desert at Bulldog Canyon.  Even though target practice is prohibited, looks like some people can’t read.

We headed in behind our friend, Bill.  He works at the grill also and does a lot of off roading with his Jeep.

The pictures I took on this excursion were taken through dusty windows while bouncing up and down (the road was a lot rougher and narrower than I anticipated).  We spent most of the day out here and had a good time.

A lot of the pictures I took through the front window had my reflection in them when the sun was hitting just right.

The horses didn’t really want to share the road.  We got lucky and only met two vehicles coming toward us, luckily there was room to pull off the road so both vehicles could be accommodated.

This is Bill getting a little more adventuresome than we are (or at least me).

The scenery out here is beautiful but the desert isn’t in full bloom yet – maybe next week.  Since we have had so much rain it is anticipated by everyone around here that the desert blooms will be great.

We did pass this one spot where the desert poppies were beautiful.

We stopped for a photo op at a place where the road was wide enough that other vehicles could pass us.  Our Jeep is the one in back.

We left home at 10:00 and rode on the trails until we took a lunch break at the Saguaro Lake Marina restaurant.

This is where I got my only wildlife shot of the day.

We took a tour of this lake last year, it is huge and the scenery is amazing.  After lunch we headed back to the desert.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Arizona, Mesa - Thursday, March 3, 2017 - Catching Up

Even though this is our first blog of 2017 we have been pretty busy.  Just busy with mostly mundane things that everyone else is doing too – cooking, laundry, cleaning, working.  We have been square dancing at least three times a week and sometimes more.  I’ve been putting in some time in the computer center working on the family tree – that is much harder than they make it sound on the TV advertisements.  I haven’t spent as much time in the Fiber Arts Center this year but I did take one class on “quilting as you go”.

The first of March thought I would start going to the gym three times a week, but I’ve only managed to get there twice a week.  The mirror shows I definitely need some muscle toning!

We’ve been really glad we traded the motorcycle and got a Jeep.  The weather here in Mesa has been much cooler and wetter than previous years.  Right now it is in the 80’s during the day and next week we are expecting 90’s all week.  But, most of the time we have been lucky to get out of the 60’s.  Last week a torrential storm blew through with some very powerful winds and hail.  We were working at the grill when it blew through, kind of scary.  An hour later you couldn’t tell anything had happened.

We are watching Nashville as I write this.  Darn show keeps making me cry.

For Valentine’s Day we treated ourselves to dinner at Dutchman’s Hideout.  It is a really nice restaurant at the base of Superstition Mountain even though the outside appearance is a little deceiving from the parking lot.

The meal was wonderful, I almost forgot to take a picture so my potato is already smashed.  Greg opted for a steak and I had some wonderful salmon.

The big thing at the resort last month was the Manager’s Aloha Party.

Five areas were set up to accommodate the hundreds of residents who would be attending and enjoying free drinks, free food and music.  The ballroom would have one band on stage.

Another band was in the Bar and Patio area.  This is where we work on Monday and Tuesday.

The Pool area is right next to the patio.

And then the street outside the ballroom and patio was closed off and set up with tables.

Decorations were everywhere.  We walked up to take pictures early in the day, we didn’t go up for the actual event – the crowd and noise is just overwhelming.

Flowers are in full bloom all over the resort.  I think it was said that nearly 75,000 plants were put out this year.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arizona, Mesa - Thursday, December 22, 2016 - Mormon Temple Lights


Earlier this week we went with a group to view the massive light display at the Mormon Temple in Mesa.  This is an annual event, I understand they start putting it up in October.

The group we went with was some of the people we square dance with.

The light displays were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do them justice with these pictures.  I’m hoping the photography club here at the resort offers some classes this year that will help me improve.  I think you can still get the feel of the intensity of this project.  Note that even the tall palm trees have decorations in them.

A narration at the Nativity scene tells the story of the birth of Jesus – it’s a very moving display.

We’ve been keeping busy.  We are still just working one day a week for five hours.  We anticipate this will increase to 10 hours a piece after the first of the year.  We are also square dancing at least four times a week.  We aren’t having as much success with our weight loss program this year as we had last year.  Going to have to tweak something after the first of the year to get going again.  We had a friend snap our picture at a holiday party.