Thursday, June 16, 2016

Indiana, Remington - Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Caboose Lake Campground


Our great week with AJ, Kim and the twins is coming to an end, we will be leaving here tomorrow morning heading to our site in Markleville, IN (daughter Amanda’s second driveway) where we will be until mid-September.

Our sight at Caboose Lake Campground was supposed to be 50 amp full service.  We got the bike unloaded and the coach backed in when we discovered the site they gave us was only 30 amp service.  We thought we could get by on that but even the 30 amp service proved to be sketchy in our sight and several around us.  The same thing happened in this area of the campground last year, I was hoping they would have taken care of the problem.  I understand the management doesn’t really think it is a problem.  Several of us had to relocate to sites that had better electric service.  This is us in our first site, I didn’t get a picture of the site where we ended up – I was mildly perturbed.

We have enjoyed watching Jackson and Braelynn participate in their summer activities.  Braelynn is quite the swimmer.  She is racking up a lot of first and second place ribbons this summer.  We got to see her compete a couple of times.

Here she is taking off for the 25 meter free-style event.

She won!!

Jackson says his favorite is baseball.  He’s a great hitter.

We also stopped in to see one of Jackson’s wrestling practices.  He is the one in gray.

The advantage of this park is that there is a nice lake and an area with floatation devices where the kids can play.  They especially like the hippo slide which is a 35’ high water slide.  This isn’t a good picture, but you get the idea of how big it is.

AJ, Kim and the kids came to the campground on Sunday to have lunch with us and then play on the “family fun zone activities” which included the hippo slide.  We read the brochure they gave us at check in which states the family fun zone is open on Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

To get them in and set up for the fun zone required the payment of $8.00 per person to enter the campground and a fun zone activities wristband which costs $15.00 per person regardless of age.  (NOTE:  Indiana Beach which is about 20 minutes away is $22 to $27 per person, looks like a much better bargain). We had lunch and then headed for the hippo slide.  We arrived at the slide at 1:55 p.m. and were told it would be closing at 2:00 – WHAT!!!  We were standing in front of this sign which appears to me to state it is open until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday – same as our brochure.  We were informed by an extremely rude teenager that if we had a problem we should check with the office.

The sign on the porch at the office also states the hippo slide is open Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. – what are we missing?

What we didn’t know was that Sunday was an “orange day”.  They have a schedule that is on their website that shows totally different times than all of the signs they have posted at the campground.  The days in orange on this schedule show the hippo slide being open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  If grandma was po’d about the electricity you should have seen me after this.  I went to speak to the manager and was informed that she didn’t have time and she had no intention of coming out to talk to me so she sent out the same obnoxious teenager instead – bad move.  I’ve never written a bad campground review, but I intend to do several on this one, I just have to figure out how to condense my frustration into a short paragraph.

Jackson and Braelynn were oblivious to grandma’s frustration and had a good time in the lake and on the inflatables.  However, AJ and Kim received nothing in return for their $15 wristband fees.

Braelynn finally decided to take a turn in the dunk tank.

On Monday we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and Kim’s birthday at Aydas, a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Rensselaer.

Today we had lunch with Kim’s parents, Dave and Danita Rodibaugh.  What a great meal – we even had strawberry pie for dessert.  It’s been hard to maintain our weight loss with all of this good food we have been invited to enjoy on our travels back home.

Greg had his annual checkup Wednesday with his heart doctor and a pacemaker device checkup – everything looks really good.  Both doctors were impressed with his weight loss and decrease in blood pressure.  I love him and this life we are living, got to keep him healthy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Illinois, East St. Louis - Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - Casino Queen RV Park

We saw a few more of these beautiful Kansas sunsets than we had planned.

We got all packed up and ready to leave last Friday morning.  The last thing to do was let the air system raise us up so we weren’t sitting right on our tires so we could move – didn’t happen.  One of the air bags had a leak.  A service call from a company David uses for his farm equipment and trucks confirmed we needed an air bag replaced.  Naturally, the closest air bag that would work was in Chicago – it would be Monday afternoon before it would be into Pratt, KS.  We unpacked and settled in for a few more days.  The air bag arrived promptly and installation was quick so we were on our way Monday afternoon.  Really enjoyed our stay.

Our windshield was a little streaked and bug splattered but the trip through the Ozark Mountains was still beautiful.

We spent Tuesday evening in Branson at the Musicland Kampground.

This is a really hilly, wooded campground.  Thankfully, the guy who guided us to our site had done this a lot he was able to guide Greg while he was blindside backing into the site.

We just barely fit, the bike is hanging over into the trees.  Luckily, we didn’t plan on unloading the bike for just a one night stay.

The campground is located just behind the Titanic Museum.  We didn’t tour the museum, entrance fee was $25 each.  It might very well have been worth it but I wasn’t willing to take a chance.

I was, however, willing to take a tour of Stone Hill Winery which included a free wine tasting.  We spent our money more wisely on wine.

I was amazed that a tourist town such as Branson had such poor sidewalks

Or, no sidewalks at all.  It is definitely not a walking friendly town.  Before we left Kansas we had worked up to 3.25 miles a day, but there are a lot of steep inclines here that we aren't used to.

From the winery we walked for a while.  Paschettis Restaurant looks pretty interesting from the outside.

The Hollywood Wax Museum also looks interesting.

King Kong close up.  The sun wasn’t really in the right position to get a good shot of him.

In the evening we walked to the Clay Cooper Theater to see the Haygoods.

The Haygoods is a family of six very talented siblings who sing and play all kinds of instruments.  We highly recommend this show if you are in the area.

Tonight we will be looking at the arch from our site at the Casino Queen RV Park.

We are getting closer to Indiana by the day.  We will be at the Caboose Campground in Rensselaer, IN on Friday.